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A Simple Framework for Calculating Product-Market Fit

Strathpath’s Product-Market Fit Calculator

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B2B Pricing Models & Strategies [+ Pros and Cons of Each]

When selling in B2B, you’ll need to set the best prices to guarantee customer acquisition and retention

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Get real about market size if you expect to land investors

Yes, healthcare is a multi-trillion-dollar industry but that’s not your market size

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Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

Inside sales refers to the process of selling remotely via phone, email, and other digital channels, instead of face-to-face

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Segmentation

When you have a big announcement to make, chances are you do some manual customer segmentation

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User Testing: The Ultimate Guide

Meeting customers’ specific needs and solving their pain points are two goals virtually all companies share. People buy your products and services because they fulfill a need

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